Apex Legend vs Fortnite: Who is winning?

Apex Legend vs Fortnite: Who is winning? on Blog

Released in February 4th Apex Legends had a huge success. After the first 24 hours, more than 2.5 million gamers already played it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined. After one week the number of downloads was more than 25 million. A lot of specialist in the gaming industry are talking about Fortnite's shaky positions as Battle Royale King. But is Apex Legends threatens Fortnite's status? Let's look more closely.

Player Base

Here is the competence of Apex Legends and Fortnite download milestones over time. All the numbers are based on official EA and Epic Games press-realizes.

Apex Legends Fortnite
1 million - 8 hour 10 million - 2 weeks
2.5 million - 1 day 20 million - 6 weeks
10 million - 3 days 30 million - 11 weeks
25 million - 1 week 40 million - 16 week
?? - now 200+ million - now

As you look, Apex Legends made the first 25 million downloads way faster than Fortnite did. But, today is the February 20th and no new information about install-base. Eventually, EA is waiting when there will be 50 million downloads, but it could not happen. Last summer another Battle Royale game Realm Royale made first 3 million downloads just in 3 weeks. Then lost 90% of all player-base in the next two month and not even reached 6 million players.

25 million players is a massive number of players, but it nothing against 200 million Fortnite players. Before Apex Legends gets first 50 million downloads is very early to say that it can become a new Battle Royale King.

Twitch Stats

Another indicator of game popularity is Twitch. In first days Apex Legends had millions of viewers. A lot more than Fortnite. But it was a new game that was interesting to see. Let's look at Twitch viewers dynamics after two weeks.


As you see on the diagram, Apex Legends viewer base is decreasing faster than Fortnite's. In a week or two it possible that it will be way less than Fortnite's.

So, what we got? Apex Legends is a great Battle Royale game. It's fun and has good potential. Can it compare with Fortnite to become #1 Battle Royale game? Not now. Not in 2019.

Update, Feb 25, 2019

1. According to Epic Games comment to Variety website, Fortnite set a new record with 10.7 million people playing the game at the same time. The record was set during the Marshmello event on February 2nd. Non-event record also belongs to Fortnite. 7.6 million players played Fortnite at one moment. This number is way higher than 2 million Apex Legends players is the same time.
2. Twitch stats showed that on weekend February 22-24 more viewers were watching Fortnite than Apex Legends. EA's game popularity is decreasing.

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