Game Developer Conference (GDC 2019) Preview

Game Developer Conference (GDC 2019) Preview on Blog

The GDC 2019 is starting today. This conference is not like usual gaming conferences like E3, PAX, Gamescom and others. This is the conference for developers where they can show new technologies and share their thoughts about gaming's future. Here are our predictions about GDC 2019.

Google Project Stream

Last month was full of leaks and rumors about this project. When Google presented Project Stream for the first time, it was like technology for game streaming via the Chrome browser. Here are the little compilation of recent rumors:

  • Google will release its console (very doubly).
  • Google will release its controller for better gaming via Chrome on any device. This controller will be connectable to computers, phones, and smart TVs.
  • Google will announce a partnership with Sega. Together they will release gaming peripheries and maybe even next-gen console.
  • Google will release SDK for the streaming platform that will support controllers from all current platforms, including Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

So, current rumors are pretty different. So we just need to wait for the presentation. Watch the reveal stream you can here.

More about mobile gaming

Google already unveils it's Android Game Development website. On today's presentation, it will be more about game development on Android. Some mobile developers already found new libraries and manuals for Android. We expect to hear more about AR, in-game payment protection, new Vulcan support, and censorship.

Cloud gaming

Google Project Stream is not only one game streaming technology on GDC 2019. There will also be a huge presentation about Microsoft xCloud, news about PlayStation Now and EA streaming plans. Maybe, 2019 will be the real cloud gaming beginning year.

Skins, Season passes, lootboxes and freemium

Fortnite is the most popular videogame right now. It's free, but it makes billions of dollars. We expect to hear more about different business models for freemium games in all genres and platforms at GDC 2019.

What do you expect to see on GDC 2019? Or it will be a boring conference with no announces like last year?

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