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Minecraft Review: Build the Perfect World

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Minecraft is an indie sandbox game that offers you to build your own world. This is one of the most popular games nowadays. Download Minecraft on Xbox and choose the mode you want to play in.

Graphics 5/5

Graphics of this game has become its main attraction long time ago. You can never mix up these graphics with some other game. In Minecraft review the graphics are the ones that must be noted. While it may be not that realistic as in GTA games, or bright and vivid as in Fortnite, Minecraft Xbox game definitely has its cubic charm. It is made of 3D cubes and only you can improve everything around you.

Gameplay 5/5

As for Minecraft gameplay, it is diverse and entertaining. You don’t have to follow one scenario and concentrate only on one activity. There are numerous features Minecraft full game owners will appreciate:

  • Survival mode sends you to the world full of hostile mobs, where you have to learn how to take care of yourself. You have to gather resources and make a fire, build a shelter, and escape monsters. You have to follow your health bar and don’t let yourself freeze or starve to death. So, basically, the main goal is to stay alive and improve your life with each new day;
  • The creative mode does not have a health bar, and you don’t need to watch out dangerous creatures. You can pick the realm and receive access to all the materials. Your main goal here is to enjoy building everything you want. You can change landscapes, build villages and cities. You don’t feel hunger and can work non-stop. Many players prefer to get inspired by each others’ miracles of architecture.

Controls 5/5

Minecraft's latest version is simple to play and extremely intuitive. The game is family-friendly, so you can play it with children and parents together. It is easy to control even if this is your first game and you did not have any previous experience with Xbox. If you are completely new to the device, you may start with a creative mode where you can learn for a while. But if you want to take a challenge, open survival mode and prepare to fight for your life.

Replay Value 5/5

Minecraft game does not lose its popularity for over ten years. Children and adults continue to play in this game for a decade, improving their building skills, increasing their universe, and competing with each other in numerous building challenges. One of the most recent was the competition organized by developers which offered to build the most creative and smallest tiny house. This game does not have a linear plot and ending. There are numerous activities for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Download Minecraft to create the world you always dream about and place the beautiful animals inside.


Minecraft sandbox is a game without any age limits. It suits players with different preferences. Those who prefer action and survival genre can pick survival mode and fight with scary monsters with bare hands. Players who want to show their creative side can choose the creative mode and build the whole new world or the entire universe. You can explore numerous realms, search for unknown flora and fauna, and simply have fun looking at other players’ accomplishments.

Pros : Oustanding graphics;
Various modes;
Ability to explore the map;
High replay value.

Cons : There is no free version of the game.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0


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