Fortnite Battle Royale Review

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Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games Inc.
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Built to Fight: Fortnite Review

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Kristopher Meadows
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A game with a hundred real players and only one winner is already a brilliant idea. Everyone wants to be the one, a chosen best gamer ever. Add to this idea a vivid post-apocalyptic universe that you can rebuild and complete the way you like, and you get the game of the decade. Besides, you can always go offline into a survival mode. Downloading Fortnite means letting your everything else go, at least for the weekend.

Graphics 4/5

First of all, the world in Fortnite is a beautiful one: it’s a giant multicolored island with a magical touch to everything from a fight to common items. The map is not as big as in other games of the similar genre, but is pretty diverse: each of different island cities has its own style and a unique set of objects. While the building possibilities are almost limitless, there are no or tiny bugs in laying the objects that weren’t supposed to be there together, building high rises and ladders to the sky.

The designers emphasize fantasy and color instead of realistic landscapes, which may be a disappointment for certain players. But that’s probably the reason Fortnite is so popular with kids of school age. Its strong point is that it fits perfectly for every platform it was released, either it’s a PC or Mac, a mobile device or a console.

Fortnite Battle Royale Graphics

Gameplay 5/5

Fortnite world is unique in a way that it’s not just a battlefield, and neither it is a fantasy world builder, but more like a mix of both. You can act in several modes: there’s an original Save the World mode, where your primary goal is survival, a fan favorite Battle Royal mode — a shooter with a total war going on, and a Creative mode where everything you do is building new structures.

Literally, every object of the game can be used for mining, and that’s how you get resources for building (wood, stain, steel). There are just a few types of objects you can build: walls, stairs, and floors. Not much, but with so many opportunities it seems more like an intense game point. The building mechanics allows almost everything, as long as your structure stays connected to the ground. A tiny spot at the bottom of the stairs still counts.

Don’t forget that building works for your sake in other modes too. In the basic Fortnite, it plays a huge role in your survival: you can build shelters or zombie-traps, and mission completion depends a lot on your building skills. You can polish those skills in a Creative mode, a sandbox game mode where nothing distracts you from the creation of objects of any size.

The system of inventory management works great: only five slots are allowed per player, so you must balance your arsenal of tools, meds, and guns basing on the tactics you choose. Many objects can be found on the island’s territories, and limited equipment wouldn’t let you keep something you don’t need. Besides, you can always mix and match the stuff you own.

Some users complain about shooting mechanics: sometimes everything in a fight depends on one single shot. The overall battle chaos can be problematic for those gamers who like to give their military tactics a thought. For everyone else, it can be total fun.

Fortnite Screenshot

Controls 4/5

Controls are pretty much intuitive here, but there’s quite a few of them. The good news is every possible control trick works on every platform the game released for: you can make same actions with your mouse and keyboard, buttons of your joystick or tap of your fingers on a mobile version. The main options are walking, building and firing, and everything else is made to complete them. You can choose an auto mode for some of the controls, at least at the early stages.

The game’s only downside is the time it takes to understand what’s what. Yes, you will have to face the definite learning curve at the start, reading Fortnite reviews and watching YouTube videos to figure out something. There is no tutorial mode, nor a decent instruction, apart from a couple of text clouds. But there’s a grave argument against it: diligent learning is totally worth it.

Replay Value 5/5

Fortnite is a whole new world you have to experience no matter what your gaming preferences are. Some users skip the missions of its survival mode to get to the shooter part, others enjoy it’s almost Minecraft-like creating abilities. Even if you manage to discover every corner of the island (it’s vast but walkable), some cities can be rebuilt or destroyed on your next visit. Besides, since Fortnite initial launch in 2017 developers have managed to make so many patches that one can hardly count them. There’s a daily shop with the selection of items that changes every 24 hours and a weekly shop with a choice of unique objects that rarely return. Besides, now and then Fortnite players are granted with a new city or landscape feature or even a gameplay addition.


From a survival game, Fortnite turned into the unique mix of a crafting game, an RPG and a shooter. The game has a devoted community of players and tries to respond to its every demand. It’s free from bugs or any other performance problems and has a very well orchestrated imaginary-world mechanics. And though it takes a lot of time to understand the controls, Fortnite makes a perfect pastime for any mood.



This is probably the best game among the huge multigenre monsters. No matter what platform you download it for, quality gaming time guaranteed.

Pros : Building makes you think outside the box;
The battles are total fun;
Regular patches and renewals;
Overall brightness

Cons : Initial learning curve;
Could be a disappointment for tactic geeks

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5


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